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"Long COVID"
Do You Have Lingering ("Long-Haul")
Symptoms of COVID-19?

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What is "Long COVID"?

World Health Organization (WHO) has described lingering post-COVID-19 conditions as “Long COVID” which can cause a constellation of symptoms.


These lingering symptoms can include:

  1. Fatigue or weakness

  2. Difficulty performing daily activities like household chores/work

  3. Breathlessness/shortness of breath

  4. Body aches

  5. Headache

  6. Muscle or joint pain

  7. Poor endurance or decreased ability to exercise/walk

  8. Cognitive issues including confusion, forgetfulness, lack of mental focus and clarity

Foundation Therapy
Can Help.


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Long COVID or Post-COVID-19 conditions can be successfully managed with treatment in a supervised environment under the care of a Physical/Occupational therapist.


The goal of physical therapy is to improve strength, stamina, manage shortness of breath and return to pre-COVID level of function. In addition to addressing physical impairments, occupational therapy can also focus on cognitive rehabilitation post-COVID.


Occupational therapists help with memory and confusion to manage the "brain fog" often experienced by patients with long-term COVID effects.

Foundation Therapy's Physical and Occupational Therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan to address each individual's symptoms. This plan may include the use of stretches and manual therapy to improve mobility/stiffness/pain, strength training, balance training, and endurance training.

Online meeting

We can help patients overcome many  physical and cognitive complications that can arise following COVID-19. Our licensed Physical and Occupational therapists offer treatments to improve muscle strength, endurance, muscle/joint pain, difficulty with walking/functional activities of daily living, and cognitive impairments.

Treatment is covered by most insurance plans. Call today for a consultation or appointment:  770-673-0093

Foundation Therapy also offers telehealth online consultation and treatment sessions for patients who may be immune compromised and not feel comfortable coming to the clinic during the ongoing pandemic.

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