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Employment Opportunities with Foundation Therapy

About Us

Founded in 2001, Foundation Therapy Center is a privately owned therapy company that specializes in providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, yoga for medical conditions, reflexology, and other types of treatment for medical conditions, in Atlanta, GA (Sandy Springs). We are committed to providing the highest quality of therapy to a diverse patient caseload, ranging from pediatrics to seniors. Patients are not always aware of their specific problems/needs, and it is our commitment to identify these needs and achieve real results through personalized, comprehensive, and passionate care.

"Building the Foundation for Better Health"

Foundation Therapy Center is not only committed to helping patients with their individual needs, but also to building lasting relationships with them. We strive to make the workplace an enjoyable and welcoming environment where both our employees and patients feel at home. Our employees are also presented with unique opportunities to participate in community service events and opportunities to mentor under seasoned therapists. Although these opportunities are not mandatory, many of our employees find great satisfaction in participation, as this gives a chance to give back while continuing personal growth.






  • Active applicable license in GA and good standing with licensure board

  • Ability and desire to maintain and increase patient caseload

  • Passion for helping others

  • Ability to cope under stress/flexible

  • Models a positive attitude at all times

  • Results driven/goal oriented

  • Excels working as a member of a team

  • Excellent communication skills

    Full-time, Part-time and PRN. Inquiries: 404-435-5052

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