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Pediatric Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy


Our therapists utilize a variety of interventions to treat various sports injuries and orthopedic issues and work closely with parents and children to improve function and return to normal activities.


Pediatric Orthopedic Physical and/or Occupational Therapy is available for these medical conditions:

• ACL reconstruction

• Acromioplasty

• Brachial plexus injuries

• Capsular tightening for loose shoulder joints

• Early onset arthritis

• Joint/muscle/tendon inflammation

• Joint pain/stiffness

• Lateral release of the patella

• Low back pain

• Muscle or ligament tears

• Menisectomy

• Meniscus repair

• Orthopedic Injuries & Sports medicine including post-surgery

• Post fracture injury

• Post arthroscopic

• Rotator cuff repair

• Sciatica

• Scoliosis

• SLAP repair

• Sprain/Strains

• Tendonitis

• Total joint replacement


Pediatric Coordination, Fine Motor, and Visual Skills Therapy is available for these medical conditions:

• Fine/Visual motor delay directly affecting academic/home functioning

• Developmental Coordination Disorder

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